Download the Action Face 3D Scanner from the iOS App Store.



1. Clear your face before your 3D scan. Remove glasses & earphones, and pull hair off & away from your face. Show your forehead and ears.

2. You’ll see an oval outline on the screen. You’ll need to line up your face within the oval shape - and you may need to move closer or further away until it turns green. 

3. Think of the facial expression you're going to make in your picture. Feel free to express yourself with either your Game Face, your Happy Face, a Silly Face... or your Action Face! --> Press the start button and hold that expression for about 6 seconds. Follow the voice prompts. Holding that same facial expression, turn your head 90° to both the left and right in a steady, even motion, for the camera to catch all of your best angles.

4. Tell us about yourself. Let us know your preferred body style (male or female), email address, and age range (above or below 13).


1. Head to the Customizer tool and customize your hair and body while waiting for your scan to be processed. First, select the Hair icon at bottom and choose your favorite hairstyle and hair color. Close the menu when you're done.

2. Next, select the Body icon and pick your favorite body style. Close the menu when you're done.

3. Next, select the Face icon and, if necessary, adjust your skin tone, beard preference, and forehead. By this time, your scan should be ready. If you don't like your scan, you can choose Select scan and Take new scan. 


 Choose a theme

 TO CHANGE CLOTHING THEME to your favorite team or group, select "Body" from the bottom navigation menu. Select "Theme" from the top right corner of that window, then "Search." You can find your group by typing in the first few letters of the name in the search bar. 

4. Voilà, your new figure is ready to purchase. Click the Buy icon and make the payment.


1. My scan has some bumps or lumps on my forehead/face. What should I do?

It's because your face hasn't been cleared yet. If you have hair, glasses, high collars, earphones, or any hair covering your hairline, we will assume that it is part of your natural bone structure. You can take a new scan and don't forget to remove glasses & earphones, and pull hair off & away from your face - including tucking hair behind your ears - for better results. 

bad scan - need to clear face and pull back hair

2. My skin color looks different on one side of my head, how do I fix that?

When this happens it is usually due to the lighting during your 3D scan. You may be able to improve the results by creating a new scan using different lighting. Try to find lighting that evenly lights your face on both sides. The fewer shadows on your face while taking your 3D scan, the best.

3. Can I submit a photo instead of a scan?

Remaking you as a 3D action figure is no small task. We need to see all the angles of your face. Seriously, all of them. That means we do need you to use our ACTION FACE 3D SCANNER found in the iOS App Store. Submitting photos -- even several of them from various angles -- won't capture all the details that make you, you.

If you have more questions, please visit our Help Center here.