Action Face has developed an instant 3D avatar platform that’s as simple as taking a selfie.

You can make 3D CG-animated versions of yourself with the Action Face iOS app in order to create animated social content, 3D print a full color action figure and, starting in 2024, port your avatar into a 3D online games.

Action Face was founded by senior talent from the video game and toy industries, whose proprietary algorithm solves the age old problem of crossing “the uncanny valley,” while also being easy and fun to use. The Instant Avatar technology replaces the complex UI of choosing facial features and instead lets you scan your face in 3 seconds, then quickly jump into personalizing your fantasy you.

Fun facts about Action Face

More than 1/2 of the carbon footprint of plastics mass-produced overseas comes from shipping and storing inventory. AF figures are made to order in the USA!
AF figures are made from non-toxic nylon and HP ink but still not tasty.

Partner Contact

Please contact Kenny Davis for opportunities.