VIP Voucher (digital)



Product Description:


  • Your VIP Voucher allows you to create a custom action figure of YOU in your favorite team jersey.
  • Find all of the personalization options in our immersive 3D app.
  • Redeem your voucher for a 3D printed physical action figure, including free shipping. Choose between 2 figure sizes:
    • 'Mini Me' figure @ 3"-4.125'' scale for $39.99
    • 'Me' figure @ 4.5"-6.25'' scale for $99.99
  • Your VIP Voucher redemption code will be delivered by instant EMAIL DELIVERY.
  • Download our iOS App to start creating your custom figure or check out redemption instructions here.


Terms & Conditions:

  • The VIP Voucher is a digital product. It can be redeemed for a physical figure through the Action Face 3D Scanner app.
  • Sales tax is COVERED by your VIP Voucher. Gift recipients in the US will not have to pay any tax regardless of shipping destination.
  • The VIP voucher can be redeemed for any NBA team theme.


Frequently asked questions:

What is Action Face?
Action Face is the ultimate special event memento of YOU. We enable a user to customize a video game-like avatar with their own face and create a beautiful full-color, 3D-printed figure starting with a 3D scan from their mobile phone. No more giant scan booths, no more waiting months for your figure, no more $$$$ prices. The possibilities are endless.

How big is the figure?
Action Face 3D printed figures are available in 2 sizes - mini (3" - 4.125'') and regular (4.5" - 6.25'') tall. ($39.99 and $99.99, respectively) The exact height & width depend on which custom body sculpt & pose you choose.

Where is it made?
We have a plethora of overachieving 3D printing robots right here in the good ol' USA. Our Hewlett Packard 3D printers, laser etch color into the figures at a level of detail that far exceeds what can be done with mass manufacturing.

In addition to it getting to you a bit faster, we also dramatically decrease our carbon footprint. Printing on demand has no wasted material, no throwaway inventory, no need to ship to a store, and no shipping from foreign countries.

  • Made in the USA with Fair Labor Standards
  • Low carbon footprint
  • No wasted inventory

How do I make a great action figure?
The most important choice you will make is your expression when you 3D scan your face. You are the hero of this story. Think about what avatar or figure you want to be and then express yourself.

Is this a time for your Game Face, your Happy Face or a Silly Face... or your Action Face?! Practice in the mirror to make it great. The rest of customizing your figure is simple.

When will my figure arrive?
You'll receive your figure approximately 2 weeks from the day it was ordered. You'll also get a shipment notification email.